Disney's been busy

"disney is bad"- God 2:11

A beloved Florida landmark, or an evil entity infiltrating the minds of our innocent youth?!? Don't let disney fool you with its seemingly innocuous, wholesome, family-friendly image. Underneath is a devil worshipping conglomerate taking our money to use for their satanic ways. Why, look at this adverisement that disney created- now I will not name what this despicable image pictures, for that would be a sin- but to other mothers out there: I warn yee of this pornography that is seeping into brains of our babies. Look at the evilness radiating out of mickey's eyes as he holds in his hand another mans genitalia, a reference to the horrid sin of homos*xualality!!! As soon as I saw this, I wrote walter disney a very pressing email and of course included some relevant biblical quotes. Oh but I am not done yet- let me show you further proof of disneys corrupt ways!

As I rifled through my 357 VHS tapes, Monsters inc. seemed suspiciously malicous considering the folks at disney could be deemed 'monsters' themselves. I decided to watch it and put the movie under my scrupulous, god-fearing eye, and what I found could only be described as a demonic subliminal message. S*x is a sacred act between a man and a woman and only for the means of procreating. By potraying such a holy event (and in a sinful s*xual position, no less), it takes away from what our lord and savior gave married (straight) people.

Cinderella, more like Sinderella. An innocent looking mouse throwing up a satanic hand sign frightens me of how our youth will try to emulate it and possibly inspire criminal activities. The devil has a strong hold and loves to sink his teeth into our christian souls! Disney seems to have paid tribute to their devil-worshipping ways by putting this hand sign in the Cinderella movie to please their dark lord and corrupt our unsuspecting babies. As a mother of four college-aged babies, I fear that even though the power of Christ shines through them, the subliminal messages will weaken the hold of Christs' grip around their poor hearts. We moms must rise up, and all send very strongly-worded emails to WalterDisney@yahoo.com!